Promote and Empower STEM professionals from Africa and those of African descent for the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond. Encourage collaboration among STEM stakeholders.

Africa has the unique opportunity to be a leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the newest frontier for STEM research and innovation. AfriSci NETWORK is answering the call by empowering STEM students, professionals and stakeholders who will usher in this digital revolution.

Fulfilling our mission through:

Empowering You

Provide exposure for professionals from Africa in the STEM fields and improve their world standing and ability to obtain funding in their respective field of practice.

Empowering Partners

Promote and connect STEM Stakeholders who have an interest in Africa with their desired audience by providing a single platform to disseminate content across the continent.


Connect STEM professionals and stakeholders across the world with an interest in Africa by providing a discussion platform to inform, network, exchange ideas and form lasting partnerships.

Career Resources

To prepare for the changing workplace that will value skill over education, assist STEM professionals make informed academic and career decisions by sharing career advancement information.

Upcoming Events

Date/Time Event
23/10/2019 - 25/10/2019
All Day
14th International Conference & Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training & Skills Development
Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire, ABIDJAN

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Do you think of yourself as a Brand? You should!

Maximize your career potential by viewing yourself as a brand. Personal branding is an important way of you realizing your professional value and negotiating based on this value. Read this excellent article on Forbes to learn more about personal branding.

 “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”  Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

List Career and Educational Opportunities

Visit our careers page to see or post STEM job, internship, grant and scholarship and other educational opportunities.


Busting the Myths

The level of Education of African immigrants in the USA is quite impressive. According to this article by the Los Angeles Times, they are better educated that people born in the U.S. or the immigrant population as a whole. In an article titled “The Most Successful Ethnic Group in the U.S. May Surprise You, “ OZY.com also dispels long-held myths about the African Immigrant by looking at the-above-average success of the Nigerian first generation and second generation immigrants. See how Kenyans in the USA are faring in this Migration Policy Institute report.