Message from the AfriSci Team

Welcome to AfriSci NETWORK

Our job here at AfriSci NETWORK is to keep telling the amazing story of African STEM professionals (including those of African Descent) and their groundbreaking achievements be it in research, business or non-profit work.

Many of these people come from humble backgrounds but through grit and intelligence, they have reached and touched the skies.

And by disseminating these positive stories to our social media communities, we want that boy or girl sitting in the village in Africa aspiring to be a STEM professional, to feel inspired by these people and to see that people like them can be great innovators, trendsetters and world-changers.

We want to provide a unified space where STEM professionals and stakeholders with an interest in Africa can interact, collaborate and be able to spread word of the great work they are doing.

Yes, we may still be under-represented in many academic departments, board-rooms, and research campuses, but our numbers keep rising along with our achievements in the STEM fields.

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