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Why we shared this article: Innovation in Africa addresses very specific problems. It is also innovation in its purest form and is most times life-saving.

Why we shared this article: STEM professionals with complexproblem solving skills, creativity and are critical thinkers will rule the 4th Industrial revolution and beyond. This will expose many educations systems around Africa that focus on helping students pass national exams while gaining no passable skills for the real-world.

Why we shared this article: Companies are starting to realize that Africa will be the most populous continent by 2050 and with it a very well trained army of STEM professionals. 

Why we shared this article: The above article underlines why Africa will become a technological leader in the world. Although we still lag in scientific innovation and output, Africa as a continent has shown that it can understand and use new affordable technologies to provide solutions to day-to-day challenges. Adopting new technologies will transform economies which in turn will propel scientific advancement.